Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Song of Love

Lovely Aucklander couple, Adrianna & Bobby is one of our latest favorite pre-wedding client.
They tends to have things differently, in an ala-ala way (as me and hubby would refer).
And we love them that way!!
Thank you & congratulations Nana & Bobby!! x.

Photographer: Jacky Suharto
Stylist: Shinta Handamari
Asst.Stylist: Jane Nadya Suharto

1 comment:

  1. Haaayy shintaaa, just dropped by your blog for the 1st time and quite (happily) surprised that you did a blurb on us!

    Ala-ala wouldn't be ala-ala without your superb styling and Jaysu's keen eye! Hahaha..

    Kishes from us!

    xxx NB


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