Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mods Mayday

 Weekend ending in May, scootering around the city with another 999 scooter friends!
It was a massive convoy, with mostly everyone dressed up in Mod-style inspired.
Fun fun fun, despite getting my hair damp and sweaty thanks to Jakarta's humid air and being stuck in my Doraemon helmet (which is not Mod-related whatsoever) and don't forget the dry lips after the ride. 
That made me realized how much we need to get the right helmets to ride 'Arizona' and also to keep hydrated when u're on ur bike/scooter.
If you're wondering, yes, Jacky's Lambretta name is Arizona Muse.
Because we love her so much, and she's such a beauty.

Hope to see more of you on Mods Mayday next year!
Scoot! Scoot!

Me on Arizona :)
Jacky's lil beauty, Arizona the Innocenti Lambretta

 Jakarta Mods Mayday Convoy

 Us, with our not-so-modsy-helmets 

Our friend, Tesar riding his Lambretta.

 One of the scooter

With my dearest friends, Ario & Ika

I'm wearing:
Fred Perry Black & White Polo Shirt
Marni Belt
Zara Red Jeans
Vintage Chanel Bag
Melissa Two-Tone Rubber Brogue Shoes

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Journey

To start your summer weekend,
and something to be discovered on your summer getaway.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Gentlewoman

My all-time favourite Peter Phillips made all this beautiful & amazing make up on Abbey Lee, 
photographed by Willy Vanderperre with styling by Oliver Rizzo.
How Peter Phillips always kept me falling for him & make me BLUSH!

Published in  The Gentlewoman  issue nº2.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chanel: The Making of the 2.55

Something worth to share from  Trendland  especially for you, Chanel bag lovers out there. 

Chanel send Trendland the exclusive insight of the making of the infamous 2.55. Here is the view of “The secrets of the Handbag” and its press release – People often ask why CHANEL accessories never seem to age. It is because, having been influenced by the men in her life and even more by her own experience, Mademoiselle Chanel designed them to be practical and, except for a few decorative trimmings, always sensible. Above all, she was her own model: she imagined them, then wore them and finally added the finishing touches. Each detail was there for a reason. She endowed them with perfection and made them the emblem of luxury and elegance.

More than half a century later, still carrying the magic of a great myth, CHANEL accessories remain the symbol of modernity and good taste. This is due to Karl Lagerfeld’s talent. When he took over the famous inheritance of the rue Cambon in 1983, he adopted Goethe’s famous phrase as his motto: “Create a better future from the widened elements of the past,” and endeavored, without ever destroying anything, to change everything nonetheless.

In 1929 Mademoiselle Chanel was the first to introduce an elegant version of the shoulder bag. It did already exist, in the form of a large pouch with a wide strap, but was only used by members of the military on campaign. Women discovered, to their delight, that by using a thin strap they could walk around with their hands free. A new fashion was born. From then on, Mademoiselle Chanel constantly used this idea, until she eventually created the bag commonly known as the “2.55” (which is in fact its “date of birth”) in February 1955.

In leather for day, in silk or jersey for evening, the 2.55 is a “chef d’oeuvre” of refinement and perfection.
First and foremost she wanted it to be functional, so she gave it a double flap which has a zip-fastened pocket inside it – a secret place for storing a love letter or blank notes. The three bellow pockets inside the bag and particularly the tube pocket for lipstick are equally useful.

To give it volume and shape – “it has to have body” she insisted – it was quilted in a diamond shaped pattern, using plain stitch, while on the garnet colored lining (the color of the uniform she wore in the orphanage) a double C is stitched like a coat of arms. Lastly, like an artists finishing touch, the rectangular clasp is gilted with gold, and the famous leather and chain shoulder strap slips easily through golden eyelets. Only details, perhaps, but nobody else had ever thought of the them. From then on the 2.55 became an integral part of the legend of CHANEL. Today it is considered a classic amongst leather goods: It is one of the accessories that every elegant woman must own.

Launched into orbit by Mademoiselle Chanel, the famous bag, a mythical object par excellence, has not, as yet, finished its trajectory. Today it is propelled into the contemporary world by Karl Lagerfeld. He adorns it with all the colors of the rainbow, dressing it from season to season in denim, tweed, velvet, sequins or raffia, and as if by the stroke of a magic wand, it is transformed into a giant or a Lilliputian. Or, in a practical frame of mind, fulfilling the demands of a new generation of women, he metamorphosises it, with gentle wit, into a rucksack, banana bag or vanity case.

Constantly inspired by contemporary trends, Karl Lagerfeld has, with a touch of irreverence, turned this legendary bag into the ultimate modern accessory. Even if the clasp still has a double “C” (gold plated, 3 microns), the chain and leather strap is sometimes replaced by one in stitched lambskin, the quilting patterns become more fanciful, herringbones or honeycombs, the CHANEL bag still remains faithful to its style and that “something” which makes it recognizable among all the others. The care taken over the quality of the leather and the finishing touches is just as important for Karl Lagerfeld today as it was in the time of the great Mademoiselle. The manufacture of the bag, with its 180 essential operations, still requires a level of precision and craftsmanship which is jealously guarded.

1955-2002…Mademoiselle Chanel once confided to Paul Morand: “Tired of carrying my bag in my hand and losing it, I added a strap and wore it as a shoulder bag”, must be satisfied. She may be intrigued, but also confident to see that her tradition is constantly renewed. Karl Lagerfeld can certainly prove that he still has more than one cat to let out of his bag!

Thank you Cyril Foiret in Trendland for sharing this.

Les Parfums

Here are the list of my favourite perfumes Ads and their amazing behind the scenes videos!


A story behind CHANEL Nº5






And, what's your favourite perfume?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

While in Bali

These are the shots in between our working days in Bali.
The weather was perfect, although there were dark clouds came passed above us in about 5 minutes, but then it went perfect for the rest of the day. Even the clear skies at night made the full moon and the stars are such a beautiful sight in the eyes. Also we got the chance to meet our dear model friend, Katya Kasatkina and spent the whole next day with her at the beach.
I will post some more pictures soon!  



Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where's Mochi?

One thing that I enjoy the most when we're not working on the weekends is watching Mochi play hide & seek and then he will go running around our garden.
Weekends are bliss!

Hope you will enjoy your weekend!


By all means I'm referring this title to the recently opened Beach Club in Bali, and no, it's not Mr.Potato Head the cool guy from Toy Story. Hee hee. 

My apologies for the one-week absence, since I was extremely busy with our latest project - (first time to) producing & (and 2nd time to) styling a video clip for a solo singer friend who's about to release his 1st album soon. And that's also why I'm back in this beautiful Bali island.

It has been our 2nd trip to this uber-cool place, the 1st visit was at night, and secondly was on the afternoon, perfect time to watch the sunset which I would recommend to you all to see. Come by around 4pm, have a sip of their Mocktails and grab some bites of their tapas, swim around while waiting for the sunset or you might prefer just to sit pretty on the pool-side listening to the coolest tunes from their loud speakers. Potato Head Beach Club (PHBC) is my new favourite Beach Club in Bali. And maybe my favourite one of all around the world. Even little kids are dancing all day through the night after their sunset swim.

As you can see from the picture above, PHBC is also an architectural icon, thanks to Andra Matin the world class Indonesian architect who put thousands of Indonesian antique window frames to this place.
Loving every bit of the details! Also not to missed on the concept store they have on the entrance. 

All of this made me realized & wonder how Bali has been hugely expanded. 15 years ago, so many of these places was still a forest & wild trees everywhere. But now hotels & resorts, restaurants, beach clubs, cafes, and any kind of stores.. It's been hugely spreading almost all across Bali, the numbers are shocking!

 Maybe soon in 5-10years time there won't be any quiet place like we used to know? Not sure how Bali's governor will react on all of this. But he/she must plan an action because I would love to see the original side of Bali being preserve. After all what would Bali be without their Balinese people and traditions? It would be such a Lame-O place to be.

As the word saying: 
A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only man can prevent. (Elie Wiesel)

I was wearing,

Zara Wide Brimmed Sun Hat
Tosavica White Shirt
Chanel Rattan Bag
Terror Wood Necklace
Cheap Monday Sunnies
Forever21 Flower Earrings

PS: Thank you for my friend Abietya Sakti who took the PHBC pictures with his camera & hubby Jacky Suharto who took my daily outfit picture.