Friday, May 28, 2010

You Ain't Kid Me, Cudi!

So have you kids seen the new series called "How to Make It in America" ?

It's effin' awesome, i must tell you! It's a story with a twist of comedy about Brooklyn enterpreneurs working their way to success by making their own denim line.

This new TV series is made by the directors of Entourage! They even have the same production crews (including Mark Wahlberg!). Yes i use a lot of !!! because this series is very inspiring pour moi. Say, who doesn't want to make it in America?!?! HA.

These are a few comments i found over the www about it:

'How to Make It in America' is 'Entourage' Meets 'Project Runway'

How to Make It in America premieres on HBO tonight, and if the fact that it's on HBO doesn't completely sell you, you're probably looking for comparisons to other shows to know whether or not you're going to want to watch this new half-hour series from the producers of Entourage.

The best way to do that is to compare it to two other shows which contain similar elements. While I haven't seen the show yet (you can expect a full review of the premiere after it airs tonight), I have looked at the blurbs and details about the show, and from what I can tell, it's a cool blending of Entourage, another HBO series, and Project Runway.


And by any chance i found their OST mixtape, by Kid Cudi and DJ Green Lantern, which is verrryyy good.
My latest favourite playlist of the week!! Love listening to this while i'm exercising.

My favourite line from the mixtape goes like this:

"How you make it in America?"

"Man, I think the main thing that people tend to forget is in order to stay focus in your mission, you just gotta blackout all the doors, i mean, it's like really easy to achieve a dream if you stay focus and sacrifice a lil bit man..

And remain determent, and you know, the bigger the dream the harder you may have to grind for.

But mm.. everything takes time, you just gotta have extreme patience, for sure!"

These are some spoiler pictures from the show. :D

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Time for Everything!

onjour Baby! It's been so long since my last post. I'm terribly sorry for being guilty abandoning my lovelee blog here, since i've been verryy verry busy and fallen sick for almost 10 days. It's the deal when you do everything by yourself - designer, stylist, a wife, and no assistant to help you out. Thank God i am now better, still in recovery mode though, but Alhamdulillah i'm now healthy and ready to rock. :P

The days felt so long and slow when you stay in bed (especially at the hospital bed), and do completely nothing. But then you realized the things that might just you never think before. I say that's the good side about being sick. That situation made me realized that how bad i need a personal assistant. Like, RIGHT AWAY! Those wasted energy and the money you got just wont worth that much again if you fallen sick and got hospitalized.

So i hope y'all will have a lovelee week at this end of month. Drink up (as in mineral water), boost up with vitamins and keep exercising!

I got big projects coming up, wonderful new ideas to explore and a beach to go. In the end, there's always time for everything in 24hrs of your life. You just have to do the things you need to do.