Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Year to Remember

As we're counting the last days of 2012, I look upon how tremendously amazing this year has been. Of course there's also a few of hits and misses here and there, but hey, that's just life taking it's course. This year has been a year full of work, travel, unforgettable journeys, new discoveries, new friends and old friends that I cherish and treasure. So before moving on to the new chapter of 2013, I would like to savour my favourite moments of 2012.

{  M U S I C }

I found music as my biggest inspiration in life. Now many of you might know that I'm a little crazy about music, concerts and festivals. This year has been my ultimate music year. From Laneway Singapore to Coachella, Indio. Also some of my dream concerts came true, music that I grew up to, such as Saint Etienne, The Cardigans and Morrissey. Not to mention that I went on a 3 days of beach retreat with Erlend, Feist & the lovely Mountain Man on Leslie's birthday and found a "Puppy Trash Island" along the way. At the end of the year, I also got the chance to get to know Orlando from T.E.E.D (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs).

{ T R A V E L }

{LEFT} Visiting the Harry Potter Exhibition, Singapore {RIGHT} At the Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal Exhibition, ArtScience Museum Singapore

{ABOVE} HongKong winter days

{ABOVE} LA & Palm Springs at it's finest. 

{ABOVE} We went to the land of happiness!! Stayed at the Boardwalk Disney for 7 days and stroll around DisneyWorld for days & Universal Studio, in Orlando, Florida.

{ABOVE} Melbourne in spring time. 

{ W E L L B E I N G }

One of my 2012 resolution was to continue the healthy organic lifestyle and to exercise more. This is one of my proudest achievement I've come to accomplished this year. As I embrace exercising by doing  a private Pilates class twice a week, and fill in the rest of the week by running. It has given me significant changes not only for my body, but also for my soul. 

So these are the things that I treasured from 2012. It's been an epic year and I'm truly abundantly grateful for it. 
Looking forward to what 2013 will bring for me. One thing for sure is I'm going to make a big change on the blog and more on my fashion work. 

I wish you have a wonderful new year ahead! A year filled with abundance, happiness, great things, big achievements (in life & love), and good health. 

Cheers to 2013!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Melbourne, A Travel Story

It was almost a month ago as me & Jacky toured around the cold spring Melbourne. We couldn't ask for a better timing for such perfect weather. Especially that we were there on duty. Lucky us, we still get the chance to extend our trip a couple extra days to wander around and get inspired by the city. I think this is the closest I can get to wear warm outfits to winter since I live in tropical country, and the thought of being wrapped around 5 layers of heavy clothes just already made me feel like a snowball. Although I fancy the idea of layering outfits, my ideal time of doing it is still on the spring time.

Being at Brighton Beach after the rain. This is one of the key places to go for tourists and also Melburnians, especially on summer to relax and enjoy the sun on this calm bay beach. It's also one of Melbourne's most picturesque sights with the colourful row of 'Bathing Boxes' that runs along it's shores. These little sheds are privately owned, by the way.


{Above} wearing : Topshop black dress & tights, Zara sweater & scarf, Urban Outfitters beanie, Rebecca Minkoff red mini M.A.C clutch and Repetto Ankle Boots. 

 Finding new places for brunch has always been our favourite things to do, especially on traveling days.  This was from our morning at Chez Dre. Sitting down, sipping coffee (or tea and hot chocolates for me, please) while enjoying the view that we doesn't get to see everyday is just a simple inspiring moment. Oh, and did you know that Melbourne is one of the best flat white places in the world? 

Too bad we didn't have this kind of weather in Jakarta. 

We did get to spend one of the glorious days in Melbourne by visiting The Royal Botanic Garden. It was also one of my favourite place to hang out on a sunny spring Sunday especially with Billy & Maggie, our friend's two adorable Frenchies. 

{Above} Me & Jacky on duty

{Above} wearing Topshop fur vest & tights, Urban Outfitters denim shirt, Prada sunnies, Zara hat H&M scarf and Repetto flats.

We love Melbourne's sunset and I think Melbourne look the prettiest at night. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last night I was at the celebration of my dearest Auntie's birthday at Orient8, Mulia Hotel.
The colonial French design of this place brings me to these white-on-white ensemble.  

If you ever been here, you might didn't notice, but they have Napoleon with a wayfarer-looking glasses painted on the ceiling! 
 And the matching Napoleon uniform on the waiters and waitress's back.

Was wearing : 
Commes des Garcon White Shirt
Topshop White Frocks
Kookai Belts
Marc Jacobs Flower Watch
Christian Louboutin Wedges

Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow Sunday

Yesterday I splurged the Sunday on some new inspirations, de-cluttering our room, and some quality time with the hubby. What about you?

InstaSession Weekend

Our tired brains and body got stuck in a boredom last Friday. So me and my photographer bestie, Hakim started an Instagram Session through the places we explored and the food we ate that night. This is obviously a random idea that I will continue to do if I ever gonna get bored on the weekends! 

Earrings made by my mum
Flower prints top I bought at a random shop in Melbourne
Leather jacket from Topshop
and H&H White Ostrich Bag