Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bernstock Speirs, Love!

Yesterday's outfit goes out to blue and lace and the day spent by strolling down the Brick Lane, Shoreditch. We accidentally found Bernstok Speirs along the way. I can't resist skipping a store with such beautiful hats on display, because I'm such a sucker for hats!!! 
And yes, I collect them. I do fancy hats, and shoes, and bags, and umbrellas, and.. the list will go on and on!


When we try to open the door, it was locked. Few seconds later, I'm surprised to see the lovely Ms. Thelma Speirs opened the door for us. She and Paul Bernstock are the most friendly and lovelee designers! I fall for every hats that I tried, but the Bunny Hat got me hooked so bad. 

Yes, that Bunny Hat! And those Colourful Floppy Hats are just sitting pretty made me want to buy every colour of it. 

I'm crazy about this green floppy hat!!! (which I ended up buying) 

Magazines scraps where they got featured in. One of it is photographed by Tim Walker! GAH! 

Fancy a hat, luv?

This is one of the places I'll be sure to come back when I'm in London again.
Be sure to check out their awesome store at 

234 Brick Lane
London, E2 7EB

The thought of going back home next week just broke my heart, but to know that they will be sold in  CLUB21 and also I can buy it online from Bernstok Speirs Online Shop made me feel so much better. 

Thank you so much Berstock Speirs!!! It was a lovely visit indeed.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Warm Lovelee Day in Black & White

Spent the day at the Regent's Park on a lovely sunny Sunday with our friends.
The weather has been perfect in London while we're here. A little bit of showers at the beginning of our trip but the past 2 days has been LOVELEE! 
London is growing on us.. 

What I was wearing:

Urban Outfitters Headband
Tosa Vica White Shirt
H&M Black Leggings
Black 4-ways La Senza Bra
Black&White Topshop Shoes
Marc by Marc Jacobs Flower Watch
Balenciaga Bag

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


No excuses whatsoever for my lack of post, as it been such a crazy crazy week!!
As I'm writing my very delayed post, I'm now sitting at the Jakarta's Airport Starbucks.
Sipping my green tea frapuccino, heading to London town with Jacky, for our long-due delayed summer vacay + working on a few photoshoots while we're there. It's gonna be a long 14hrs flight from Jakarta. But I promise you to share new outfit post as soonest we touched London. 
Let me know for interesting stores I need to go to! 
It's been quite a while since my last visit to the Great Britain. 

Take care loves!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flowers & Everything In Between

So yes I'm (or we, I suppose) still weeping inside our heart, for missing out PULP reunion concert at Wireless Festival, Hyde Park London the other day. We bought our tickets months before, as it turned out our UK visas are not done yet and the plan went *poof*.
Triple bummed. (Still sobbing). We've been a big fan & Pulp listener since we're still wearing our school uniform and smells like the sun & teen spirit.

But thankfully our bestfriend Ovelia managed to sell our tickets to her friends! (then make that double bummed). God bless you Opel!

In between of that heartbreaking moments, I try to let my mind off and focus and the more important things instead. And I keep my mind off by..errr..having new purchases for my daily favourite things (which is they might not as important as it looks). Makeup (from MAC), lingeries (La Senza), and books (Aksara Bookstore & Gramedia). Who knows shopping can be theurapeutic! Remember, they can't buy happiness. Well, maybe for temporary!

And also the flowers I got from my birthday seems to brighten my week. I put them at our bedroom, my working space and our bathroom. Thank you love!

Although the whole plan just got delayed, I hope London & NY summer days will wait for us.
And for those of you my dearest friends who celebrated the 4th of July, please share me some stories & photos! And for those of you who went to Pulp concert... Spare Me, please. Thank you.
Nitey, Bon Nuit, Selamat Malam!

Monday, July 4, 2011

We Crave for Paris!

Wish you a lovely start of the week! 
And to you my dear American friends, Happy 4th!
Please share with me how did your 4th of July went?

Birthday Weekend

Had a night full of lovin' from  Jacky, Mochi and a bunch of my lovely friends & besties!
It was a small birthday dinner we had at home, and blew the candles on the yummiest chocolate-banana cake that my bestfriend, Missy gave for me on my bday from Awfully Chocolate.
Closed the day with a 2-hours session at the Karaoke. 
I'm blessed.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


The iconic Chanel handbag chain on ur sunnies?? 
They scream 'tres chic!' and so perfect for my midsummer getaway.
I suppose they haven't sold it yet?