Friday, December 31, 2010

LAST DAY OF 2010!!!

This year has been a tough year. I had some really good time and some baad time.
I'm prepared and excited to see what's up in 2011.
They say the year of the rabbit will be a good year for the dogs! Amien to that!
Makes me wonder, what's your animal sign?
I've put up a list of my goals for the upcoming year. Something that you might need to try as well, I use 43 things to help me set up my goals and remind me every month.

So, Happy New Year everyone!!

Thank you 2010 & Welcome 2011!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FashionTV Magazine

Early this year I got the chance to work with FashionTV's 1st ever magazine. I did 3 editorials in just 1 week. One crazy hell of a week. I've posted two editorials before, DELICIOUS and some photos from the PROVOCATIVE made it on the cover.
This is the behind the scene of the 'not-so-glamorous' work of a fashion stylist.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keep the Dream Alive

A few shots of favourite pictures I found from several blogs.
Something to keep the dreams alive.

Monday, December 27, 2010


It was the day when Aksara Bookstore x 707 x Casa x Cyclo x Monka Magic became 1. I'm lucky enuff to get invited by
707 store to check out their 'invites only' sale that night, for the launch of Compound (Kemang). I keep going back to those pretty sunnies from SUPER but not quite afford it (yet). So I bought the Cheap Monday version instead & hubby got himself the new Nudie black in blue injection. :D Although we're not lucky enough to win the lucky draw, but we're having a good time that night.

Thank you
707 & Aksara!


Monday, December 20, 2010


It has been my dream to experience Xmas moments in NY
since I watched Home Alone 2 when i was a kid.
I can't feel the jolly festivity in my country,
where 80% population are Muslims. And Indonesia is a tropical country,
so I never really experience the cold winter and the snow!
Well, I always thought that I don't really like being in a freezing cold weather,
and I'm not really climatize to cold weather, but to experience it would be awesome!

So even though we don't celebrate Xmas, and the snow doesn't fall in my country,
I wish you all a lovely Christmas time & a happy prosperous 2011 !!

PS: Thank you for Habitually Chic for the R Nichols greeting cards recommendation!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 years to eternity

This week we celebrate our 2yrs wedding anniversary.

It's been a roller coaster ride, and no matter what, we're always blessed with our wonderful life.
Look forward to more exciting rides of our lives.

Here's a few pics from our Javanese wedding ceremony.
Taken by our dear friend, Oetomo.

Cheers to LOVE!

PS: I made a short video. Will upload it soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Lee, With Love, Nick

Tribute to Alexander McQueen by Nick Knight, music by Björk from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Dear Nick,
Everything you touch & made,
turns into light and love.

Monday, December 6, 2010

MYTHOLOGY by Karl Lagerfeld

The much anticipated Pirelli Calendar of 2011 is finally out.

Shot by Karl Lagerfeld from his studio in Paris, Karl took the inspiration from his deepest passion of the Greek & and Roman mythology, tales of the origins of humanity told through the adventures of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines.

The 36 photos that make up the 2011 Calendar show 24 different subjects, including gods, heroes and myths. With his keen eye, Lagerfeld has ‘sculpted’ these photos both in terms of their aesthetic rigour and for the recurring references to the art of sculpture and its classical tenets. All of the photos are in black and white, which lends character to the images, exalts the beauty of the figures represented in sharp chromatic contrast, and gives them a certain three-dimensionality through the careful use of light.

There are 21 protagonists of this edition: 15 female models, 5 male models, and the American actress Julianne Moore. The female models include: Italian models Bianca Balti and Elisa Sednaoui; Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen; Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana (also in the 2005 Calendar by Patrick Demarchelier and in the 2009 edition by Peter Beard); Polish models Magdalena Frackowiak and Anja Rubik; Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw (who debuted in the 2010 Calendar by Terry Richardson); Indian model Lakshmi Menon; American models Heidi Mount and Erin Wasson (who debuted in the 2005 Calendar by Patrick Demarchelier); Russian model Natasha Poly; Dutch model Lara Stone and Canadian model Daria Werbowy (both of whom Peter Beard had also chosen for the 2009 Calendar); Austrian model Iris Strubegger; and Jamaican model Jeneil Williams. The 5 male models are Baptiste Giabiconi and Sébastien Jondeau (French), Brad Kroenig and Garret Neff (American), and Jake Davis (British).

Really love what he's done to the whole black&white photographs. Though I don't really understand why he choose Julianne Moore as Hera. But I totally understand when a photographer knows what he wants for his model. :)

Here are the photos and some
screenshots behind the scene video I took from TrendlandTV.

Travel & Delicacies : AJIHARA

Last week was a pretty full week for us. It's been excruciatingly exhausting and mentally challenging as well. So me & Jacky decided to spend our weekend dedicated to rest. Glued to the bed, catching up with sleep. Til the moment we felt so bored, and decided to do fun stuff. I do believe if you're tired, bored and stuck, go out, meet your best friends & try new things are the best cure to get your 'mojo' back on. My personal experience is to do some shopping and eating! HA!

But we skipped the shopping part, and since I've been craving for an authentic Japanese cuisine (since last week!), we went to Ajihara Japanese Restaurant in Melawai, Blok M - Jakarta's little Tokyo - to get our downtown Japanese experience.

The place is small, with very friendly servants. Since it's our 1st visit there, the Japanese owner gave us sooo many complimentary foods plus a discount!! Yay!
Some of the recommended menu that we had,

Baby Octopus

Enoki Butto (Enoki mushroom with butter)

Salmon Sashimi (so thick and fresh!!!!)

Salmon Salad Sushi

and also (not in the picture) is the Chawanmushi (so smooth!!!)
& Ocha (the Tea)

What's also interesting about Ajihara is that we can grate our own Wasabi. This is the first time we ever grated fresh wasabi!!! SUGOI!!!!

And i do believe there's so many other yummy foods that we haven't try in the menu. That's why we're planning to go back and order some more. We were so full at the end of our meal, some of us even can't finish our food. We're high on Ajihara! HAHA.

Arigato Ajihara!!

Ajihara Jl. Melawai IX / 3A Jakarta, Indonesia.
Price: $$$

Taste: ♥♥♥♥

☺ (happiness)