Monday, May 24, 2010

No Time for Everything!

onjour Baby! It's been so long since my last post. I'm terribly sorry for being guilty abandoning my lovelee blog here, since i've been verryy verry busy and fallen sick for almost 10 days. It's the deal when you do everything by yourself - designer, stylist, a wife, and no assistant to help you out. Thank God i am now better, still in recovery mode though, but Alhamdulillah i'm now healthy and ready to rock. :P

The days felt so long and slow when you stay in bed (especially at the hospital bed), and do completely nothing. But then you realized the things that might just you never think before. I say that's the good side about being sick. That situation made me realized that how bad i need a personal assistant. Like, RIGHT AWAY! Those wasted energy and the money you got just wont worth that much again if you fallen sick and got hospitalized.

So i hope y'all will have a lovelee week at this end of month. Drink up (as in mineral water), boost up with vitamins and keep exercising!

I got big projects coming up, wonderful new ideas to explore and a beach to go. In the end, there's always time for everything in 24hrs of your life. You just have to do the things you need to do.

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