Monday, August 9, 2010


Just last week I had the chance to work with Beatfest again, and managed to finish the job as the Liaison Officer for Belle & Sebastian, an indie-pop Glasgow band, for 4 days (and believe me, it was a 4 -long hours- days). And I must say, that was one of the toughest work i've ever done in the world of LO-ing in 3 years. 18 people, and no i do not miscount, 18 people, people! with 8 players and 10 crews, is a lot of work. Thank God, me and 2 more LO's (Glen & Indra) managed to work it out.

Surprisingly enough they're one of the most solid band i've ever met. Working with 18 people in one group must've put them into a very solid team - with all the tours, long hours flight and tight schedules on every city. And believe me, if you have an indie-pop band, i advice you to get yourself a metal (korn-look-with-dreads) tour manager! Stevie, their tour manager is really the guy you wanna get for your tour manager. He made it all possible with the band. Stevie is the cherry on top.

So on the day of the concert, Stuart (the vocalist) asked me to do a favor.

He asked me whether I could pull an act on the stage as the waitress that says no to everything he ask, so that he could walk into the crowd to the bar, and get himself a glass of Whiskey. Of course i said yes, and then he gave me a Belle&Sebastian t-shirt to put on.

After restlessly listening to their 7 songs backstage, there I was.. infront of 1000 crowds cheering for them. Acting.

And. OMG. I'm the Catastrophe Waitress! Lol.

On our way to the airport, Stuart sign my Belle & Sebastian CD (which i had since year 2000) and wrote:

That was fun! Thank you to Hanin, Winfred, Glen, Indra, and all the Beatfest crews, and of course Belle&Sebastian!

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