Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel & Delicacies : AJIHARA

Last week was a pretty full week for us. It's been excruciatingly exhausting and mentally challenging as well. So me & Jacky decided to spend our weekend dedicated to rest. Glued to the bed, catching up with sleep. Til the moment we felt so bored, and decided to do fun stuff. I do believe if you're tired, bored and stuck, go out, meet your best friends & try new things are the best cure to get your 'mojo' back on. My personal experience is to do some shopping and eating! HA!

But we skipped the shopping part, and since I've been craving for an authentic Japanese cuisine (since last week!), we went to Ajihara Japanese Restaurant in Melawai, Blok M - Jakarta's little Tokyo - to get our downtown Japanese experience.

The place is small, with very friendly servants. Since it's our 1st visit there, the Japanese owner gave us sooo many complimentary foods plus a discount!! Yay!
Some of the recommended menu that we had,

Baby Octopus

Enoki Butto (Enoki mushroom with butter)

Salmon Sashimi (so thick and fresh!!!!)

Salmon Salad Sushi

and also (not in the picture) is the Chawanmushi (so smooth!!!)
& Ocha (the Tea)

What's also interesting about Ajihara is that we can grate our own Wasabi. This is the first time we ever grated fresh wasabi!!! SUGOI!!!!

And i do believe there's so many other yummy foods that we haven't try in the menu. That's why we're planning to go back and order some more. We were so full at the end of our meal, some of us even can't finish our food. We're high on Ajihara! HAHA.

Arigato Ajihara!!

Ajihara Jl. Melawai IX / 3A Jakarta, Indonesia.
Price: $$$

Taste: ♥♥♥♥

☺ (happiness)

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