Saturday, January 1, 2011


I wasn't counting down the time when the new year started. Instead I was praying for good things that (hopefully) will be happening in 2011. As I blew my kisses to year 2010, things have been flying off my mind of whatever good happened to me in 2010. So, forgive me for being so late posting 'the good things round-up in 2010', here are the memories of things that always puts a smile on my face.

1. Getting to know Erlend Oye & Eirik from Kings of Convenience (March 2010)

2. As the Liaison Officer of the band, I managed to nursed Eirik when he got sick, hours away before the concert.

3. Launched my label and did my 1st ever fashion show. (July 2010)

3. Got myself (freakishly so unfashionable) on-stage at Belle & Sebastian's concert (as requested by Stuart - the lead singer) (August 2010).

4. First time visit to Thailand (Phuket & Phi Phi Island) with the in-laws family.

5. Two of my nieces (Geethali & Regina) arrivals to Planet Earth.

6. What a surreal experience when I watched my 1st ever LIVE football game. It was Indonesia vs Malaysia for the Final AFF Cup 2010. Crazy massive 95,000 Indonesian supporters in red & white!! (December 2010)

That's just about it for my 2010 top lists.
I wish you all a shiny, healthy and happy New Year!
Thank you for reading and following my blog. And please do keep doing it. :D
Cheers to 2011!!

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