Sunday, February 6, 2011


Welcoming the Rabbit year with full of hopes and love.
Spent the whole Saturday working on a test shoot
for Mateusz Rogenbuk (a gorgeous kickass Polish model who soon to be big in the fashion world!)
along with hubby,
Jacky Suharto and my lovely sister in-law, Jane
who has been so kind in helping out with the shoot throughout the day (and night!).

So I haven't been really going out much lately.
Work is crazy and my days are filled with hectic schedules of meetings
and running thousands of errands to do.
Crazy deadlines and full of working weekends 'til the end of February.
But I'll keep trying to post my everyday look/stories/inspiring things.

But for now, I'm sending you a picture of me, Mateusz & Jane
from the Chinatown. Can't wait to see the results from the test shoot!

Bon nuit Jakarta.

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