Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Thank you so much to, Compound Kemang (707 store, Aksara Kemang, Casa & Cyclo) - the coolest place in Kemang -for inviting me to their latest surprise gig with Duncan Sheik last Sunday!!
Last week was tiredness to the max, and by the end of the week, I had to take care my unwell husband. But the surprise gig just made our week! Here's some of the shots from that night. :)

Pic 1-3 : Duncan Sheik playing acoustic inches away from me!
Pic 4 : Duncan's shoes
Pic 5: Posing with Duncan Sheik :)
Pic 6: Swinging at my new playground, 707
Pic 7: Pretty ladies Thalia & Alia rockin' the swing @ 707
Pic 8: Moi!
Pic 9: Oxford shoes by Melissa & Christian Dior bag
Pic 10: Lights off at Aksara Bookstore
Pic 11: We're going home. Peace out! 

Oh, I recorded a few of Duncan playing, will upload it soon! 

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