Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hermès "Paris Mon Ami" Event

This is a colourful post, indeed!
Last Saturday we went to Hermes event Paris Mon Ami, a new Hermes adventure. Where you get to play, dare, mix and remix in the world of silk scarves and huge Hermes enamel bracelets!
 Be inspired by the insouciant spirit of Paris. And from that event Hermes sure does inspired, ehm, or slash, making me want to buy those lovely scarves and enamel bracelets instead.

Did you know that one Carré scarf does actually made out of the finest silk from Brazil and took a total of 1500-2000 hours of labour work? But don't be afraid to play with it, because Carré scarf is made for you to crease it, treat it a little roughly, play, invent and try things out, let your imagination take flight. As told by Ms.Maria Schaefer, head of the women's silk collection to

It was a fun fun event with lotsa games, good food, music and of course couldn't be more fun without my lovely friends and hubby. I hope there will be more fun events like this in the future!
And I'm putting note to myself: Save more to invest in these beautiful silk scarves! :P

What I wore:
Zara Top, Sequined Skirt & Shoes
Bill Blass Silk Scarf 
Chanel Metallic Handbag
Butter London Nail Polish

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