Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do or Die, Dream Big or Go Home!


I'm starting mine with a few list of 2012 goals, with a how-to-guide in Making and Keeping My New Year Resolution:

1. To Live: Work, Health & Travel
I will continue my fashion label again bit-by-bit. I'm taking it slow and enjoying it, while traveling to Japan, New York, and the Holy City of Mecca in between. Not to forget, me & hubby always try to travel to (at least) one of the beautiful islands or any city in Indonesia. I'm also keeping the balance by staying true in the path of the green lifestyle (yes, I'm a granola type - according to Ms.Garance Dore), I'd like to be healthy by getting myself in a private session of Pilates twice a week (which will be starting sometime next week) plus daily routine home exercise. After a few long years, sadly said I decided to quit my kung-fu class.

2. To Love: Family & Friends
Definitely will spare more time for our family (that includes walk our dogs everyday) & our dearest friends.  Anddd.. After losing our baby last year, we will try to get preggy again this year. =)))

3. To Learn : Languange & Read More Books
I would always determine to learn French as long as I live. But this year, I'm going to take Russian language class! Da? 
Also, lately I've been reading a lot of marketing books. It's pretty weird considering how I never really interested in marketing. But lately I've been hooked and really want to know more about it. Especially how marketing works in the creative industry, such as fashion and art.

4. Get (More) Organized
Whether it's arranging & marking schedules in my new yearly planner, or re-organizing my shoes and clothes, I do believe cleaning and organizing things are therapeutic (talk about being mildly obsessive compulsive disorder..). The plus side of throwing away old clothes are, besides having a clutter-free closet, it really does makes me easier to look out for things in a more organized stacks.
Ah yes, the joy of long holidays!

5. To take everything I've mention above, really easy - absolutely no pressure.

I think by having it that way will keep you on the go, and surely will take you closer to your dream life. And if things doesn't go the way you planned it, you will be okay.

I would like to remind you once again, there's no better way than having 43things as your daily/monthly reminder to your goals. So, what's your plan for this year? Will we cross our path somewhere between Japan, New York or Mecca?? 

Cheers, darlings.

Photo of me & my favourite djs, the never-boring Teenage Illionares 
were taken by Jacky Suharto on this New Years Eve.


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