Thursday, August 13, 2009

Panna Indiana!

Another great, intimate place to eat spices in New York!  

Panna II Indian Restaurant has been recognized and recommended by Time Out NY Magazine. A very unique tiny place! With (yes, it is) foil covered walls, and low-ceiling full of flashing red chile pepper and christmas lights dangling, located in the heart of the East Village. 

Despite the small room that fits the 5 of us and our foods, Panna II doesn't failed us to enjoy the birthday dinner experience. It feels like they're celebrating my birthday in this Christmast-decorated restaurant. 
The waiter even put on a Happy Birthday song for me that night. So funny.

Panna II also has been made for the location several Hollywood movies such as Coyote Ugly. I would highly recommend Panna II for those of you who just wanna hang out, have some quality time with your BFF.

More info on Panna II at


  1. Hello, I'm loving your great blog -your posts are really interesting so thanks very much for sharing them. Pictures are really good too !

    Happy weekend,

  2. Looks like fun..Have a wonderful weekend, xv.


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