Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shoes + Fresh Plants + Michel Tcherevkoff = Shoe Fleur

shoefleur by michel tcherevkoff 1 600x306 Shoe FLeur by Michel Tcherevkoff

At first I thought "Are these for reallll???" Yeah well, NY based French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff made it all looked possible by making these virtual shoe collections out of (only from) Photoshop! And they looked fantastic!

As Trendland reports, had a revelation when he saw a photograph of a leaf he had shot for a client, turned upside down on his table and thought it looked just like a shoe. He scanned the image, added a heel, and that became the first Shoe Fleur. also has a good description of his creative process of which I’m quoting a portion here. It turns out Photoshop is only one of his tools, and there’s a much more intricate approach to his original photographic content than you might think.

“I’ll take a leaf, make it into a sole, bend it to make a heel or a strap, then shoot it.” He works untethered.

shoefleur by michel tcherevkoff 2 600x306 Shoe FLeur by Michel Tcherevkoff

shoefleur by michel tcherevkoff 3 600x306 Shoe FLeur by Michel Tcherevkoff

shoefleur by michel tcherevkoff 8 Shoe FLeur by Michel Tcherevkoff

After taking the pictures, “I walk over to my computer room and download the flash cards. Now, some art director might say that’s wasted time,” he says, “but for me it’s thinking time. I’m looking one or two steps ahead, getting ideas, making creative decisions.

Creative indeed Michel!

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