Friday, June 18, 2010


Sawadee Ka!!

Okay so, we're not just experiencing good adventures around the many islands in Thailand, but we're also into the yummy foods Thailand have to offer. Start with the traditionally
Phat Thai, which you can find in any restaurants all around Thailand! My suggestion is, if you don't find the right place to eat, then you better order this, coz they're mostly good in every restaurant. If it's not, then you better not coming back there!

Phat Thai

If you're in Phuket, you HAVE to try these delicious noodles from a noodle-stall near Metropole Hotel around the Phuket Old Town. To order, just point the pictures from the wall, since most of the Thai can't speak English. -_-"

Also in Phuket, we found a good fried rice near the hotel we're staying.
Located in the Kata Night Bazaar, only 5 minutes away from the Kata Beach, Southern Fried Rice has definitely good prices for room and food. I'm loving how friendly the auntie who cooks and the Norwegian owner who served our meal.

And in Phi-Phi Island, we only eat at COSMIC Restaurant for 3 nights in a row!! They have the best food in the island!! Seriously, the 4 of us ordered every food they have in the menu and it was all GOOD.

Fish & Chips from Cosmic

Pancakes from Cosmic

Mango Sticky Rice - a must try!

Sunny Side Up from the hotel

To top it all, you have to get those Thai Iced Tea with milk. YUM!


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