Sunday, November 28, 2010

BoF Fashion Pioneers: Nick Knight

Something to share, words and wisdom from my all-time inspiration, Nick Knight.
Taken from @_BoF_ tweets, here are some quotes from the interview:

Nick Knight: "I took up the arts to prove something to myself... It quickly became an addiction.
A curse as well as a pleasure."

NK: "Ever since I started in photography I wanted to change it."

NK: "Photography has killed itself off through it's lack of ability to be redefined."

NK: "Clothes are designed to be shown in movement. The original idea for SHOWstudio was a monthly VHS."

NK: "Fashion is poorly communicated by the media. It's a lot more interesting than that."

NK: "Lee McQueen turned that fashion show into entertainment... Turning it into entertainment is the key to it."

NK on the state of the industry: "There is a sea change ahead."

NK: "In my opinion fashion film should be non-narrative. The narrative is already imbued in the clothing."

NK: "In the same way that fashion photography is different to photography, fashion film is different to film."

NK: "To make a fashion film, all I need is a camera, a model and one light."

NK: "We're not waiting for technology. Technology is waiting for us."

NK: "None of my children read magazines... Fashion will be shaped by the Internet."

NK: "Heart and mind" are the most important tools for imaging-making.

Nick Knight: "Film died some years ago. I don't miss it. Photography has fundamentally changed."

NK: "There are times when you question the (ethic, social) validity of fashion."

NK: "The fashion industry is so narrow in terms of the shapes, the races. You have to accept alternatives."

NK: "Our society is not well represented in fashion. It should be."

PS: I'm such a freak, I literally recorded this show with my pocket camera!! :P


  1. Wow, what a load! "Film has died"? I'd love someone to explain that because it sounds really pretentious.

  2. I'm sure he'd have an intelligent answer ... I doubt he is the pretentious kind


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