Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bernstock Speirs, Love!

Yesterday's outfit goes out to blue and lace and the day spent by strolling down the Brick Lane, Shoreditch. We accidentally found Bernstok Speirs along the way. I can't resist skipping a store with such beautiful hats on display, because I'm such a sucker for hats!!! 
And yes, I collect them. I do fancy hats, and shoes, and bags, and umbrellas, and.. the list will go on and on!


When we try to open the door, it was locked. Few seconds later, I'm surprised to see the lovely Ms. Thelma Speirs opened the door for us. She and Paul Bernstock are the most friendly and lovelee designers! I fall for every hats that I tried, but the Bunny Hat got me hooked so bad. 

Yes, that Bunny Hat! And those Colourful Floppy Hats are just sitting pretty made me want to buy every colour of it. 

I'm crazy about this green floppy hat!!! (which I ended up buying) 

Magazines scraps where they got featured in. One of it is photographed by Tim Walker! GAH! 

Fancy a hat, luv?

This is one of the places I'll be sure to come back when I'm in London again.
Be sure to check out their awesome store at 

234 Brick Lane
London, E2 7EB

The thought of going back home next week just broke my heart, but to know that they will be sold in  CLUB21 and also I can buy it online from Bernstok Speirs Online Shop made me feel so much better. 

Thank you so much Berstock Speirs!!! It was a lovely visit indeed.


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