Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flowers & Everything In Between

So yes I'm (or we, I suppose) still weeping inside our heart, for missing out PULP reunion concert at Wireless Festival, Hyde Park London the other day. We bought our tickets months before, as it turned out our UK visas are not done yet and the plan went *poof*.
Triple bummed. (Still sobbing). We've been a big fan & Pulp listener since we're still wearing our school uniform and smells like the sun & teen spirit.

But thankfully our bestfriend Ovelia managed to sell our tickets to her friends! (then make that double bummed). God bless you Opel!

In between of that heartbreaking moments, I try to let my mind off and focus and the more important things instead. And I keep my mind off by..errr..having new purchases for my daily favourite things (which is they might not as important as it looks). Makeup (from MAC), lingeries (La Senza), and books (Aksara Bookstore & Gramedia). Who knows shopping can be theurapeutic! Remember, they can't buy happiness. Well, maybe for temporary!

And also the flowers I got from my birthday seems to brighten my week. I put them at our bedroom, my working space and our bathroom. Thank you love!

Although the whole plan just got delayed, I hope London & NY summer days will wait for us.
And for those of you my dearest friends who celebrated the 4th of July, please share me some stories & photos! And for those of you who went to Pulp concert... Spare Me, please. Thank you.
Nitey, Bon Nuit, Selamat Malam!

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