Friday, July 6, 2012

Organic Beauty Review : John Masters Organics

Due to a late realization on how all my dermatologist's products are made of paraben, I immediately trash them out. So, in exchange to those, I need to buy some new organic fix for my fairly dry skin. I've been a constant user of the John Masters Organics clan since I encountered their amazing Lip Calm at Whole Foods back in 2009. That lil' thing had taken my dry lips to another level, and made me wonder about their other products.

Decided to bought the Rose Foaming Face Wash (which I adore!), from LoveLula for the 1st time and had this re-purchased from Sephora in Singapore. It smells soo good, and somehow it reminded me the scent of my favourite flower since childhood. Not so sure if it's from the linden flower/leaf or the rose. The gentle lather soothes & hidrates my face. It refreshes my skin, doesn't leave any tightness and cleans well. I love how John Masters Organics always use glass jar, although two particular thing that I don't like from this product is that it does not travel-friendly (on my last trip, the pump leaked and got all over my toiletries during a 19-hours flight) and secondly, a full pump of this, goes so deep so it will be finish in quite a short time. So I tend to press a half pump (which is already enough for my small face).

The next thing that I love from John Masters Organics is their Vitamin C Anti Aging Serum. I know that this might not be the best one in the market, but for now I'm quite satisfied by the result. I'm also loving the smell of this serum, which is orange-y or citrus-y, and the light texture goes so well on my face. At first i thought it was a bit pricey, but after a few months of usage, I still haven't finish this off. So it's worth the price! 
Am I going to buy this product again? It's a big Y.E.S. 

The last is John Masters Organics SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen which I don't like. I'm quite surprised by the failed result of this product since the other products have been very applicable to my skin. First and foremost, it does not moisturized my face. And it leaves white sheen on my face, which  will work when I'm at the beach, maybe? But definitely not on a daily basis. This also gave my face some breakouts and redness. So not gonna consider in finishing this or even buy this again. Although I might try to use this after I apply moisturizer.

Are you one of John Masters Organics user? If yes, what products did you use? 
Any other of their products would you like to share with me? I would love to hear your reviews and suggestions.


  1. My whole regimen is John Masters Organics products and have been for some years now, which I love.

    Try blending the SPF and the Vitamin C Serum; I blend one squirt of each in my palm and then apply. And in the wintertime, I add the Mandarin Maximum; don't be afraid of the cost as this will last a few month.

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      I'm aware that applying the Vit C Serum on the day could turn the Vit C into a sunscreen. Never thought of blending it with the SPF, could be a double protection?
      I might try this one! Thank you!

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