Saturday, October 6, 2012

Free Falling

I know I've not been around so much in the blog for a long 2 months. Not much explanation needed since I was so busy being "in the zone" - yes, it's a work thang. So I'll spare you the details. Although you might already know what I've been up to from my Instagram. In the end, being away from the blog was quite agonizing. But suprisingly staying 10 days in Melbourne, Australia was not agonizing at all! Me & Jacky just came back from the cold spring-y and gorgeous Melbourne for a little pre-wedding shots for our good friends. I will post some photos from the trip soon!

It's good to be back though, I've already came across to several new ideas and a big project coming up for the blog. Can't wait to start on it! Anyhow, finally I can wear this mini-dress that my bestie gifted to me from my birthday, along with the matching clutch. Put out a gold bling on my neck and my hubby's jacket to keep me warm under the rainy Jakarta. 

Remember that looking your best will make you feel your best! 
That's my mantra for the week, quoted from my muse, the beautiful Ms.Olivia Palermo
Hope you have a fun weekend! 

Mphosis Two-tone mini dress & clutch
Kookai Gold necklace
Jacket bought from Melbourne
Limited Edition Miss Roberta Wedges from LINEA

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