Monday, October 15, 2012

Gifted & Blessed

Just can't help it with Jakarta's weather lately. It's been hot and cold, humid and sticky at the same time.
 Often I did an easy-peasy ponytail as my hair grew longer, because believe it or not, I have never had my hair down to this length all my life! I used to be a pretty tomboy girl since I was 4yrs old. So, I'm gonna learn more about DIY hairstyling for sure.

Last weekend spent by working from home, due to our crazy schedule this week. 
Did you realize that it's almost the end of October soon? Only a few months left to say 'Sayonara 2012' !! Does it ever cross your mind about your achievements for this year? I did. And I'm proudly put some strikethrough to a few numbers off my 2012 resolutions list. How about you? There's still 2 months and few weeks to go! HURRY! TAKE. ACTION.NOW! 

Zara Yellow Top & Cardigans
Gifted Topshop Leggings from my lovelee Yayayeah!
Prada Heels
Gifted Mphosis Clutch from my bestie Missy
Gifted earrings from my lovely girlfriends! 
(aah, I'm blessed to have all of these girls as my bestfriends!)

Photos by: Jacky Suharto.

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