Sunday, April 17, 2011

House of Peace

Good morning Bali!
These are the pictures from the place that we stayed in Seminyak, Bali. 
The name is Puri Damai, means "The House of Peace".
We've been staying in Puri Damai since back in 2008. With it's authentic Bali feel mix with Javanese decor, this place is simply a home to us. The one/two bedroom villa also includes a bathroom and a kitchen (with all the kitchen set). The owner, Mrs.Ayu Giri is a darling & the sweetest! She managed to put Puri Damai in Tripadvisor's #1 Specialty Lodging in Legian. It was a peaceful stay indeed (as always!) and we do think this place is a lovely little gem in Seminyak.

me waking up & ready for my morning dip

Puri Damai entrance


Pathway to the rooms

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