Friday, April 22, 2011

W for the Weekend!

Something new to add in your next destination list!

I got the opportunity to come around and enjoy the sunset view at the
newly opened W hotel & resort in Bali last week. 
Located in Seminyak, this uber-cool & trendy beachfront hotel is the latest playground in Bali. 
Forget about paying $30 just to see the sunset from a trendy resort! 
W got their own groove with the new conceal/reveal concept, that allows guest to mingle and swim in their big pool or just be a part of the legendary Bali night scene, 
W has put a new standard and reinvent the local scene.

Hope you have a "Wow" Weekend this Easter time.

 Hotel Entrance

 Ocean view W

 Hubby poses with W's ubercool Vespas

 Hotel Lobby & Reception

 From the back of the hotel

 Vapour Trail 

 The pool & stunning view

 Some chicks in their bikinis

 Sunset view

The lobby, as it turns into the night


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