Saturday, May 21, 2011


By all means I'm referring this title to the recently opened Beach Club in Bali, and no, it's not Mr.Potato Head the cool guy from Toy Story. Hee hee. 

My apologies for the one-week absence, since I was extremely busy with our latest project - (first time to) producing & (and 2nd time to) styling a video clip for a solo singer friend who's about to release his 1st album soon. And that's also why I'm back in this beautiful Bali island.

It has been our 2nd trip to this uber-cool place, the 1st visit was at night, and secondly was on the afternoon, perfect time to watch the sunset which I would recommend to you all to see. Come by around 4pm, have a sip of their Mocktails and grab some bites of their tapas, swim around while waiting for the sunset or you might prefer just to sit pretty on the pool-side listening to the coolest tunes from their loud speakers. Potato Head Beach Club (PHBC) is my new favourite Beach Club in Bali. And maybe my favourite one of all around the world. Even little kids are dancing all day through the night after their sunset swim.

As you can see from the picture above, PHBC is also an architectural icon, thanks to Andra Matin the world class Indonesian architect who put thousands of Indonesian antique window frames to this place.
Loving every bit of the details! Also not to missed on the concept store they have on the entrance. 

All of this made me realized & wonder how Bali has been hugely expanded. 15 years ago, so many of these places was still a forest & wild trees everywhere. But now hotels & resorts, restaurants, beach clubs, cafes, and any kind of stores.. It's been hugely spreading almost all across Bali, the numbers are shocking!

 Maybe soon in 5-10years time there won't be any quiet place like we used to know? Not sure how Bali's governor will react on all of this. But he/she must plan an action because I would love to see the original side of Bali being preserve. After all what would Bali be without their Balinese people and traditions? It would be such a Lame-O place to be.

As the word saying: 
A destruction, an annihilation that only man can provoke, only man can prevent. (Elie Wiesel)

I was wearing,

Zara Wide Brimmed Sun Hat
Tosavica White Shirt
Chanel Rattan Bag
Terror Wood Necklace
Cheap Monday Sunnies
Forever21 Flower Earrings

PS: Thank you for my friend Abietya Sakti who took the PHBC pictures with his camera & hubby Jacky Suharto who took my daily outfit picture.

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