Thursday, May 12, 2011

This week turns out to be a pretty hectic, full and busy week! Sure did i'm glad and happy when it comes to full schedule, but work thing need a whole lot of 'last minute' preparation to do. 
We have an Ad shoot schedule today - which the deadline need to be done in just 3 days! 
And will be off to Bali again on Sunday. Phew. Wish me luck!

So this pastel-y outfit was inspired by my new batik necklace I bought from Geulis at Brightspot Market ( the one I've been talking about in the earlier post). Taken at our bestfriend's office on his Vespa, and not sure why does my hair looks Bieber-ish that night! LOL.
So I wish you a great day! Be patient, just 1 more day til the weekends! 

Origa for Geulis Batik Necklace
Pull and Bear Salmon Shirt 
Forever21 Green Floral Trousers
Balenciaga Bag

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