Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mods Mayday

 Weekend ending in May, scootering around the city with another 999 scooter friends!
It was a massive convoy, with mostly everyone dressed up in Mod-style inspired.
Fun fun fun, despite getting my hair damp and sweaty thanks to Jakarta's humid air and being stuck in my Doraemon helmet (which is not Mod-related whatsoever) and don't forget the dry lips after the ride. 
That made me realized how much we need to get the right helmets to ride 'Arizona' and also to keep hydrated when u're on ur bike/scooter.
If you're wondering, yes, Jacky's Lambretta name is Arizona Muse.
Because we love her so much, and she's such a beauty.

Hope to see more of you on Mods Mayday next year!
Scoot! Scoot!

Me on Arizona :)
Jacky's lil beauty, Arizona the Innocenti Lambretta

 Jakarta Mods Mayday Convoy

 Us, with our not-so-modsy-helmets 

Our friend, Tesar riding his Lambretta.

 One of the scooter

With my dearest friends, Ario & Ika

I'm wearing:
Fred Perry Black & White Polo Shirt
Marni Belt
Zara Red Jeans
Vintage Chanel Bag
Melissa Two-Tone Rubber Brogue Shoes

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