Thursday, June 2, 2011


Welcoming my most favourite month of the year!!!
This month will be a special month, since it's gonna be my blog's 3yrs anniversary
and, just 27 days left 'til I turn 29.
Yes, I'm aging! Sad but true, I will try to take it easy and put the word "Forever Young" keep spinning in my head. Tee hee!

Might also have my first giveaway, so keep checkin' out the blog boys and girls.
Let's make this month a special one. Let yourself bathe in the sun, go on a vacation, play in the sand, relax on the beach or visit the places you want! Or I might suggest, visit Indonesia! Because it's starting to get warm and all sunny, here.

For you who live in Indonesia, I wish you a happy looong weekend!! What a way to start the month..

PS: If you ever wanna visit Indonesia, you can ask me for any info regarding Indonesia's beautiful islands, especially Bali.

PPS: You're not thinking I'm gonna be naked on this picture above, do you? Actually I'm wearing a dress from Love&Hate which I will be post it soon. Wait for it! xD

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