Monday, September 12, 2011

The Longing

SIRENS from KAI Z FENG on Vimeo.

I wish I have better words to explain my long gone absence for you guys. How I've been pretty much abandoned the blog for over (is it) 2 months now? The thing is that.. When we were in London, I just learnt that I was 4 weeks pregnant. And within 2 weeks later when we're just arrived at home, I was a complete preggy lady. Feeling sick of everything, from looking at my laptop screen to smelling my husband's perfume. Hey, life wasn't always that pretty on your first trimester of pregnancy. 

Then, on my 3rd months of pregnancy, an unfortunate event - a very very sad & unfortunate event went down. The big nightmare of all pregnant woman in the world, happened to us. It was a miscarriage. Just like that. Our baby angel, went away..

It was such a devastating news to us. It feels like endless sadness for these couple days now. But somehow, this thing made us even stronger and kept us even closer with each other than ever. We're sure there's a reason to it, and that this is God's way to give us something bigger and better in the future. 

The video above is beautifully made by Kai Z Feng really describes how I'm feeling right now.
Now we're going to send our prayers to baby angel who's playing in Heaven. 
Our kisses and endless love to you, Baby Angel.


  1. oh my God how sad :-( I got a huge goose flesh reading this. All the best for you <3


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