Monday, September 12, 2011

London Highlights

I would rather to move on with my life then to stay in the sorrowness. So I decided to do some catching up with the blog, tell you some stories and pictures from London that I haven't really got the time to share with you guys.

Seriously, don't be surprise if you see me wearing that scarf and beanie all the time! London should be sunny and hot on summer! But when we got there, it was really cold!!! We landed at 6am, so we thought, okay, this is normal morning weather in London. When we asked our driver is it normal to be this cold? And he said "This is winter cold! I don't know what happened to London these couple months has been like this the whole time.." So we stared each other, almost bursting out laugh because we were thinking about our bags that packed up with shorts, short sleeved shirts and summer-y outfits!
The salmon knitted cardigans was the only warm thing I brought from home, for the inflight warmer purposes. So we thought we could always buy new jacket, stockings and all things that could makes us warm. 

Thank God the freezing weather only last for our first 3 days of the trip, after that it was WARM, AND SUNNY!!! Our London friends said that we're lucky to get sunshine all week, because they haven't seen the proper summer in London the whole month! That's why on every Sunday we spent it by hanging out in the park, brunch at Boundary Hotel's rooftop, strolling along Broadway Market.

Thank you London, it's been lovelee seeing you again!!
We'll be back!

Ex Oh Ex Oh.

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