Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Layering in Hongkong

Last shooting day in Hongkong. It was really a cold windy day and to be honest I had really low expectation to Hongkong's weather and really didn't expect it coming. Part of the reason why you'll see me wearing the same jacket and scarf on this trip, is because I'm departed with only one scarf, one coat and one beanie which had helped to warm me up during the cold days in Hongkong! Seriously, 14° celsius does not define Spring for me. And yes, that's what a long 29yrs of living in the tropical country will do to you. 
So friends, I must remind you if you ever come to Hongkong on mid-March and not really climatize well with cold weather, you should bring yourself at least hats/beanie, a light jacket/coat, and scarves! Because Hongkong could be pretty darn cold during the winter. Oh, and one more thing, you'll also need comfortable shoes to walk. Especially if you're about to do a long walk like I did until the word "IT'S A WRAP!" comes up. 

What I was wearing:
Gifted ruffled top
H&M neon tangerine skirt & scarf
Zara stocking
Repetto flat shoes

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