Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back in Town

I'm sooooo guilty by leaving for so long and didn't have the time to share you the great things that's been happening on my recent trip to LA, Orlando and the amazing Palm Springs. SO SORRY!!! 
We had a non-stop trip that requires lots of energy and good long sleeps. So I decided to count back the fabulous days and share you some of the great things, while contemplating on my post-vacay syndrome momentos. 

But first thing's first.. I really wanna know who or which was your favourite from the Met Gala?? 
Mine goes to..

Yes, Carey Mulligan. Love about pretty much everything from her!!
Her hair, make-up, and that stunning Prada dress!! I'm in love!

And the worst, I suppose that would be.. 

Rachel Zoe. 
Seriously, I never thought that I would ever dislike her look, or she would ever wear something awful like this. First why does she look like a bulimia and the dress was just so wrong, and the hair..and.. Oh, well. I'm sorry Rachel, I still love you though. 

Anyways, I must leave now. Got Morrissey concert to watch!
Photos coming soon!

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